4×4 Arrow Raised Garden Bed

4×4 Arrow Raised Garden Bed

Raised bed gardens are great for better soil drainage. You use less water because it can be concentrated in a specific area. They make for easier soil amendment and less compacting of soil for better results. The soil is warmer than traditional gardening to provide for a longer planting season. They also offer easier pest, critter and weed control.

•DIY assembly – no tools required

•Perfect for small spaces, yards, decks, and patios

•HDG STEEL® - 0.026” (0.6604 mm) thickness hot dipped galvanized steel with G90 zinc coating provides superior corrosion resistance and protects against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions

•4’ x 4’ (1,2 x 1,2 m) size footprint

•Exterior finish in Espresso & Latte

•10 Year Limited Warranty

Interior Size:  43" x 43"

Wall Height: 13"


Arrow Model #: RBG44

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