8’x6′ pent roof w/front skylight

8’x6′ pent roof w/front skylight

The Pent Roof Shed features a 8' wide format that’s ideal for any outdoor application. This shed features a strong dent resistant metal walls. Built in Skylight to allow inside the shed to be illuminated directly by the sunlight for energy efficiency. Perfect for orchards to store fresh produce temporarily to maintain freshness or for other purposes. The assembly is very simple and requires only a few household tools.

• Available Size: 8'x6'
• All Weather Durable Metal Shed
• Easy Assembly
• Walk Tall
• Wide 39" Double Door Opening
• Built-In Front Side Wall Skylight
• Reinforced Groove & Strong Dent Resistant Metal Walls
• 15 Year Limited  Warranty         

Exterior Dimensions:

99" x 68" x 80"-72" Tall

Door Dimensions:

39 3/4" x 68 7/8"



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