Bath Wood Garden Shed

Bath Wood Garden Shed

This is a perfect shed for those who have little yard storage needs. The design will be a nice accessory to your yard while fulfilling your storage needs.


    • Wall thickness 1 1/3" (35mm)
    • Dimensions: 7' x 7'
    • Height overall: 7'10"
    • Canopy 9"


    • Double grooved interlock
    • Wall boards are flat faced with softly rounded edges
    • The corbel of the roof around the whole shed
    • Large double door
    • The shed includes the floor and roof construction
    • Shingles and other roofing material is not included
    • If you are going to assemble the cabin by yourself, please keep in mind that you will need a screws and nails to fix the floor and roof boards and bitumen shingles.


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