Moderna Wood Garden Shed

Moderna Wood Garden Shed


If you are in need of some extra storage space, but you also want something unique to decorate your backyard with, this shed has all that you are looking for: natural wood, modern design, and an inviting interior.

Customer provides:
floors, foundation, and roof. They didn’t include them because they wanted to make this shed more affordable and give you some choices to save money. You can use plywood or natural wood boards for the floors and roof which you can find on your local home improvement store.


    • Wall thickness: 1 1/8" (28mm) T&G
    • All natural tongue and grove northern pine solid wood
    • Outside size: 9'9"x9'9"
    • Inside size:9'x9'
    • Recommended foundation:9'3"x9'3"
    • Height of the wall: 7'4"
    • Height overall: 7'3"
    • Roof slope:1º
    • Double glazed door: 4'3" x 5'10"
    • Canopy:10"
    • Roof beams, roof boards and fascia boards are included
    • Shingles, floor and other roofing material is not included
    • Package size:11'2"x 3'7"x1'11"
    • Package weight:1345
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