Niki Modern Shed

Niki Modern Shed

The Niki is big enough for a small office, guest house, pool house or sauna in your backyard. Large windows for a lot of light, contemporary design and all natural wood add to its appeal.


  • Wall thickness 1 5/8" (34mm) T&G
  • Outside size: 13' x 16"
  • Height overall: 10'3"
  • Double Door: 5' x 6'1"
  • Window: 6'3"" x 3'6"
  • Inside area: 161 sq foot "


  • Wall boards are flat faced with rounded edges
  • Double grooved interlock
  • Glazed doors and three side windows
  • The shed includes the floor and roof construction
  • Shingles and other roofing material is not included


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